LRQA CASL – Verify Welder / Welding Operator Certificates – NL

In accordance with the requirements of the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU


LRQA-Certification & Assurance Services Limited(LRQA-CASL), a Recognised Third-party Organisation as described in the European Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU, Article 20, has approved the following joining personnel to undertake the production of permanent joints for pressure equipment in categories II, III and IV as required by PED 2014/68/EU, Annex I, section 3.1.2.

The certification for the above named joining personnel remains valid only if the requirements for the confirmation of the validity qualifications of a welder for a process have been confirmed every 6 months by the person responsible for welding activities or by an examiner or examining body. This shall confirm that the welder has worked within the range of qualification and extends the validity of the qualification for a further 6 month period and or;

Revalidation shall be carried out by an examiner/examining body. The skill of the welder shall be periodically verified by one of the following methods.

Every 2 years, two welds made during the last 6 months of the validity period shall be tested by radiographic or ultrasonic testing or destructive testing and shall be recorded. The acceptance levels for imperfections shall be as specified in Clause 7. The weld tested shall reproduce the original test conditions except for thickness and outside diameter. These tests revalidate the welder’s qualifications for an additional 2 years.

A welder’s qualifications for any certificate shall be valid as long as it is confirmed and evidence provided that all the following conditions are fulfilled:

– the welder is working for the same manufacturer for whom he or she qualified, and who is responsible for the manufacture of the product;

– the manufacturer has documented that the welder has produced welds of acceptable quality based on application standards;
the welds examined shall confirm the following conditions:
welding position(s), weld type (FW, BW), material backing (mb) or no material backing (nb).

Confirmation of the information provided above can be verified and validated by contacting the sponsor directly.

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