LRQA Inspection Iberia – Verify Welder / Welding Operator Certificates

In accordance with the requirements of the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU


LRQA Inspection Iberia S.A., a Notified Body as described in the European Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU, Article 20, has approved the following joining personnel to undertake the production of permanent joints for pressure equipment in categories II, III and IV as required by PED 2014/68/EU, Annex I, section 3.1.2.

The certification for the above named joining personnel remains valid only if the requirements for the confirmation of the validity qualifications of a welder for a process have been confirmed every 6 months by the employeer, the person responsible for welding activities or by LRQA Inspection Iberia, S.A. . This shall confirm that the welder/welding operator has worked within the range of qualification and extends the validity of the qualification for a further 6 month period.

The period of validity of a certificate and the conditions for renewal are those set out in the selected standard/code with some restrictions. Below detailed acceptable renewal-revalidation options by standard/code. Revalidation shall be carried out by LRQA Inspection Iberia, S.A.

StandardCertificate Validity Renewal- Revalidation
EN ISO 9606-1Two (2) or Three (3) years according to selected revalidation option Revalidation options:  9.3 a) or 9.3 b)
EN ISO 9606-2Two (2) yearsProlongation 9.2
EN ISO 9606-3Two (2) yearsProlongation 10.2
EN ISO 9606-4Two (2) yearsProlongation 10.2
EN ISO 9606-5Two (2) yearsProlongation 10.2
EN ISO 14732Six years (6) or Three (3) years years according to selected revalidation optionRevalidation options:5.3 a) or 5.3 b) 
ASME IXThree (3) yearsRenewal, as initial approval.
EN ISO 13585Three (3) yearsProlongation 9.2
AWS D1.1/ D1.1M.Three (3) yearsRenewal as initial approval
PED-annex I section 3.1.2According to standard selected within the above acceptable options. 

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